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I have written articles for various art and human interest blogs and publications. Because the URLs for many of these articles no longer exist, I have posted the content here. 

Dana James: From Dreams of Pools, To Caves of Jewels

10011 Magazine

Have you ever considered the evolution of a memory, how things as we recall them transform over time? In her last show, Sometimes Seen Dreams, displayed at the Lodge Gallery last October, emerging artist Dana James gave a visual definition to this process, exploring what she describes as a “tension” between our initial impression of places and things, and how we remember them now. 

In her piece To Be or Not to Be (A Little More Human) James brings this tension to the surface.... READ MORE >>

Artist Lizbeth Mitty Evokes Memories of Places I've Never Even Seen

The Renegade Review

Out of the recent tech-craze there has arisen a debate as to whether there still exists a definitive line between “high culture” (eg, fine art) and “low culture” (eg, pop culture). Historically, the distinction was clear-cut, and grounded in the connotations universally ascribed to each term, wherein “high culture” was considered “good”, and “low culture”, “bad”. Fortunately, much of the literature today contends that these assumptions are outdated, and that “pop culture”, by any definition, is as worthy of analysis and appreciation as, say, fine art. The Renegade Review, in fact, is founded on this very principle.... READ MORE >>

"The Art of HERstory" Exhibition Opens in Bedford-Stuyvesant


All roads lead to Brooklyn, or so it seems for the artists showcased in The Art of HERstory, an all-female exhibition that recently opened in Bedford-Stuyvesant in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The exhibition is a joint initiative of Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation’s Center for Arts and Culture — and its Skylight Gallery — and nearby Welancora Gallery, whose curators collaborated to select artworks that celebrate and examine the experiences of women of the African diaspora....  READ MORE >>

Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Stroke of Genius

Bed-Stuy Art Walk Gallery Guide, June 2016

Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) first gained notoriety as part of the graffiti duo SAMO©, a pseudonym he and fellow artist Al Diaz spray-painted around Lower Manhattan during the 1970s. The ironic and critical posturing of SAMO© as a kind of corporate brand quickly attracted the attention of the counter-culture press, and, by the time Basquiat and Diaz parted ways in 1980, SAMO© had helped launch the popular perception of graffiti as a new phenomenon in art.... READ MORE >>

Jacob Lawrence: The Revolution of Art

Bed-Stuy Art Walk Gallery Guide, May 2016

Painter Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) was the first American artist of African descent to achieve widespread, mainstream acclaim in the United States, and his early career successes mark many “firsts” for artists of the African diaspora.

Lawrence’s eternal renown is grounded in his contribution to the landscape of Modern Art. His expansive catalog of work essentially chronicles the course of human struggles along our country’s timeline.... READ MORE >>

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