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Renegade Digital Solutions, Inc., is a one-woman digital marketing enterprise spearheaded by me, Danielle Burnham. I specialize in the development of new and existing copy for any number of digital platforms, from websites to social media. My goal is to inspire a connection with your target users, establish your brand as an authority, and convert visitors into customers. My copy is engaging, relevant, and informational, and consistent with your strategic initiatives and business goals. I have experience editing and writing on a wide range of subjects, and have delivered results for entities both large and small. Learn more about my professional experience. >>

Latest Work:

Most recently, I delivered a series of key messages for 2 new, currently unpublished studies on rapid molecular point-of-care COVID-19 testing for Abbott Laboratories. Read the final document here. >>

As Senior Copy Editor for a major medical communications company, I provided rewrites for HCP-targeted emails promoting major CME conferences, and social media posts designed to build brand awareness. I've also generated copy for new landing pages and conference booths.

Prior to that, I worked as a Conceptual Writer for WebMD, wherein I developed headline, teaser, and call-to-action copy for new business pitches. View samples of my work here. >>

Areas of Specialization


EDITING: Ensure logical flow of content, consistency of style and verbiage, and compliance with regulatory mandates. Ability to provide for the integrity of content and user experience across browsers, platforms, and devices. Capable of optimizing verbiage to help boost traffic, increase brand visibility, and drive home overarching message. Adept at refining word choices according to nuances in meaning, and rebuilding structure from the sentence level to the overall piece. Skilled at providing for the succinct and clear expression of the intended message without compromising the author's own voice. Click here for professional history >> 

WRITING: Proficient in crafting copy that is on-brand, consistent with strategic objectives, and tailored to reach the specific target audience. Skilled in generating and honing copy that is accurate in its facts, insightful in its reflection, and relevant in its context. Proven ability to deliver the consistency and logical flow of content, the accuracy of claims, and the succinct expression of the intended message. Scroll up or click here for writing samples >>

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Renegade Digital Solutions, Inc.

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